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Traditional dance at Mekdes and Solomon wedding

Traditional dance and music at the wedding ceremony of Actress Mekdes Tsegaye and the groom, Solomon Menjeta., in collaboration with Hope Entertainment, Minew Shewa, Kirar Records, and other music groups, brings you the latest Ethiopian contemporary and traditional music videos. Please support our musicians by watching and listening to official releases only.  

Wish to learn about the Ethiopian music system and origins? Here is a brief description from Wikipedia: "Ethiopian music has a distinct modal system that is pentatonic, which has long intervals between some notes. The music of the highlands uses a fundamental modal system called qenet, of which there are four main modes: tizeta, bati, ambassel, and anchihoy. Three additional modes are variations on the above: tizeta minor, bati major, and bati minor. Some songs take the name of their qenet, such as tizita, which has some similarities with American jazz music. When played on traditional instruments, these modes are generally not tempered, that is, the pitches may deviate slightly from the Western-tempered tuning system. But when played on Western instruments such as pianos and guitars, they are played using the Western-tempered tuning system." You can read the full article at WIKIPEDIA.ORG


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