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Yetekema Hiwot - Part 138 (Kana TV Drama Series)

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Kana TV Amharic Drama

Original title: O Hayat Benim

Created by Esin Gök

Directed by    Merve Girgin, Yıldız Hülya Bilban, Hamdi Alkan, Sadullah Şentürk, Ozan Uzunoğlu, Gülbin Aydın

Starring: Ezgi Asaroğlu, Keremcem, Ceren Moray, Ozan Güler, Sinan Albayrak, Ahu Sungur, Cem Ozer, Oya Başar

Original language: Turkish

Number of episodes:  131

Producers: Yaşar İrvul
Location: Istanbul
Production company: Pastel Film

Plot: Bahar, a young girl who lives in Istanbul with her mother Nuran, her father Ilyas, and her sister Efsun. Due to her family being in a bad financial situation, Bahar must drop out of school and start working in a pastry shop to earn money. She is a kind, optimistic and valuable girl unlike her sister.

Bahar in reality is actually adopted. She is the daughter of Mehmet Emir Atahan, a rich and successful businessman. It's a secret for many people, and for Bahar.

Once upon a time, her real grandfather, Yusuf, did not want his daughter, Hasret, to marry Mehmet Emir. He divided them apart and hid her pregnancy from Mehmet Emir. During childbirth, Hasret, Bahar's mother, was told that Bahar died when really she was taken away from her. Bahar's biological grandfather, Yusuf, lied to Mehmet Emir and told him that Hasret have committed suicide because he divided her from Mehmet Emir, but actually, she was alive.

From then on, Yusuf gave Bahar to Ilyas, an honorable worker of his, whom he asked to raise Bahar as if she is his own daughter. Years later, when Yusuf learnt that he is dying, his last wish is to see his granddaughter. After many years, Yusuf visits Mehmet Emir and tells him he has a daughter.

Meanwhile, Nuran and Ilyas didn't tell Bahar the truth about who she is and when the Atahan family come in search for Bahar, Nuran and Ilyas send Efsun to portray the daughter of Mehmet Emir and Hasret. Efsun then begins to live the life that belongs to Bahar. - WIKIPEDIA

Written by Ahmet Saatçioğlu, Gül Abus Semerci, Ozer Çetinel, Yelda Eroğlu, Can Sinan, Ali Ercivan, Serdar Soydan, Yekta Torun, Mert Meriçli, Ekin Deren, Bekir Baran Sıtkı, Rana Mamatlıoğlu, Murat Emir Eren